Monday, July 26, 2010


If you are stuck for gifts to give away to your loved ones, or to give it to your guests at your wedding feast, or your loved ones and friends’ birthday – whatever occasion it might be; and if you are a keen lover of traditional oriental arts and crafts, Arianna could become your one stop resource to fulfill these needs.
Browse through our website for a short glimpse of our products or walk into our shop for your next farther travel into the world of mesmerizing crafts; you will never make a mistake! Arianna deserves its meaning …ADORABLE!

It is heavenly (inspired through imagination in the mind of our craftmen), it is truly rare (to be found in other shops) and it is a real ornaments that it can be!

You’ll discover things you’ve never seen before at ARIANNA. It’s an ever-changing wonderland of the very best in Oriental crafts.

It’s the best place to buy gifts – for other people as well as yourself. A handmade product is made with care by people who love what they do. The creativity and individuality the craftsperson invests in their products makes them very special.

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